Excitel works fine on LAN but Frequently Disconnects on the Modem/Router (Checked 2 Modems Already)

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Hello, I have installed Excitel at home 2-3 days back and I've been facing Frequent Disconnects since the very first hour of installation.

I have already tried multiple Modems/Routers to see the issue.

> TP-Link TL-R470T
I received a lot of disconnections on this including Lost Carrier, Lost Service and User Request. It was so bad that disconnection happened 60-70 times per hour (One Disconnection per minute). I couldn't able to load Google.com.
> TP-Link TD-W8970
Here also, I received a lot of disconnections including Lost Carrier, Lost Service and User Request. I noticed multiple disconnections per hour. Pretty much unstable and unable to use.
> Directly to Dell Laptop (Excitel Wire to Laptop's Ethernet Port via. Dial-up Connection)
This seems to be the most stable. I haven't noticed any disconnection with it so far. I ran for numerous of hours with it. Sometimes I see the 100-140ms ping when I ping to the default gateway (Excitel's Gateway such as Though average is somewhere 4-5ms.

Few Other Information:

> Wire Installed from LCO
Wire LCO has installed from the Pole to Home is 2 Pair, 4 Wire Ethernet. (So it's basically 4 wires inside the cover instead of 8).
> Error Types in the Excitel Session History
I am seeing Lost Service, Lost Carrier, User Request errors mostly in the Session Log of the my.excitel.com. Screenshot: Screenshot
> Packet Loss to Google.com (ping www.google.com -t)
I am seeing 1-2% Packet Loss but mostly it increases in the evening to late night. I'm also seeing more disconnection in the night itself.
> Most common time of Packet Loss and Disconnection
There is no fixed time, But it generally happens mainly around 10-11AM, 3-4PM and then it continuously happens whole night from 7PM-Morning.

And, About Packet losses, it increases a lot in the night.
I request @philip marlowe for helping me out in this case. Because it seems I am not going to see any resolution. I specifically mentioned that I will connect the wire to the modem and not to the PC. I need internet for the home. But if it's not going to work with Modem/Router. It's of no use for me.

And, Others if you could point out some information and help me out in this strange issue.


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If anyone of you could help me in this situation or provide some resources (knowledge or anything) which could lead me to the right department inside the Excitel for the help.

I'm waiting for more than 2 days now and the issue is not resolved. And, I seriously have no replies from @philip marlowe on this matter.

I don't know, why is he here. All he does here is to promote Excitel.
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i dont think any of us will be able to help you out . your best bet is to contact customer care and see if that fixes your issues.
frequent disconnections can be fixed but i cant say anything about packet loss. it is most likely due to low grade quality modem and switches that your lco uses and i doubt he will replace his shitty modem switches routers with high grade ones.

if your issues dont get fixed then i would suggest you to disconnect your connection after 1 month and just wait excitel fiber to come in your area.

1 thing i would say is that their method of resolving customers complaint is really bad.
i myself started having speed issues from 16th. every day i was either talking to excitel cc or my lco trying to get my issue fixed.
first you call their cc > they check your connection with any desk . then they escalate your issue. then again you talk to a higher level employee > they again check your connection with any desk > then they ask the local guys to check customers issue > local guys again check connection with any desk and try to rectify the problem. its really hectic and cumbersome.
but now finally after 5 days , my speed is back to normal and i think its fully fixed.

and about philip marlowe , he does not come online very much . so mostly likely he hasnt seen your msges yet
and judging by this name i assume he is founding father of the company along with other people or maybe a director . i dont think he works for excitel as a customer care executive or a social media manager of sorts.


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Thank you for the reply @Aakash Malhotra Your replies are always good on the topics of Excitel.

Anyways, I tried to complain though and yes, they are shit.

Could you say anything about the Frequent Disconnection? Because, Packet Loss is a issue when Frequent Disconnection is not there.

1. I'm not able to surf the internet when I connect the wire with modem (Tried 2 modems). Because it just disconnect randomly anytime.

But on the laptop, it's pretty stable.

2. How would Fiber solve the issues I'm facing specially Frequent Disconnection?
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cant say anything about disconnections. i dont know much about networking. my internet works fine though, both with router or directly connected. so again , its your lco that is causing you issues.

TP-Link wr841n


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Okay and do you have 8 wires in your Ethernet or 4?

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Update #1: I have Excitel Wire connected with the Laptop directly for more than 9 hours now and there is no disconnection (Except for some packet loss).

I am constantly downloading games from Steam at full speed to stress test. (Don't have anything else to download, so downloading big games again and again in loop).

I am constantly pinging which is excitel's gateway and I'm seeing 1% packet loss on this. Except for that nothing else.
ping -t
So far, I believe the problem is between the Excitel to Modem/Router only. Because Exctiel Wire to Laptop works fine.

I am still waiting though, I will remove wire from laptop until it passes 12 hours mark or disconnects before that.

Now, I have to somehow make the Excitel understand this. Because I want to use Internet on multiple devices. It's not just for one laptop. Without modem/router, I can't use it on phone or other stuff.

You can see, I am downloading games from Steam continuously. Each game is of 70-100 Gb.

Also, I am connected to Internet via. Excitel's Wire directly into my Laptop's port.

Constantly pinging the Excitel's gateway IP.

Connection is Active for more than 9 hours now without any disconnection.

But as soon as I shift to modem, it starts disconnecting couple of times per hour.


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Can you do crimping? Try replacing the RJ45 connector. Another user had an issue here iirc. The connector was not properly installed.