Excitel Broadband - First Day Issue (Need Help)

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Okay. But that new 8 wire (4 pair wire) made any difference in the stability of your connection?

Because, I am facing frequent disconnection issue. Speed is coming very good. (50/50). Because of Frequent Disconnection. Every Application stops downloading.

Excitel is in our area for 1-2 years now. There are not many connections in our area and I don't know any of them. Excitel was pretty poor in our area few months back as per the LCO itself. They said it was so poor that they lost so many connections.

I will file a complaint.

Have you checked the screenshot I have posted in the previous reply related to the Excitel's Session History?

Every 2-5 minutes, I am facing disconnection right now. So in one hour there are like 15-20 disconnection.

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@Sushubh @achaudhary997 I have a doubt, Please tell me.

What could be the reason if frequent disconnection (a lot of) is happening mainly in evening, nights (including late nights) and morning?


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From my home networking experience, the intermittent on and off could be due to bad connection at RJ45 connector. have you tried to press the wires inside the jack. Also some time dirt on the connector / modem is the problem. try and clean them with some nailpolish remover or thinner .... just give it a try it helped me 5-6 years ago when nothing else worked. if you have spare RJ45 try to put another RJ45 jack.

Also, how is the connection without load balancer. do you have tagged VLAN for Airtel? i do not know why but when i tried load balancer i had to have a VLAN 100 for airtel and it was to be tagged and modem was in bridge mode (to avoid double NAT) else my airtel would not work. i am still not convinced for why i had to do it but without that my airtel was not working.