Another billing rant


OK guys I received the bombshell I was waiting for...Rs.8382 Triband usage for two months. Now I'm wondering...should I argue that I wasnt told the router on-off procedure or should I argue that I did follow the procedure still it was not logged correctly.

There's no way I'm going to pay this bill. If it comes to worse I'll sue them, but that means no more 256K for months. The very thought gives me shivers.

Btw, during that period I was downloading by scheduling 0745 computer shutdown, not router reboot. And yes, my ADSL MB did reach 0 but in fact that there was no download activity after 0745. Shall I argue on that point?

PS: Me frm Delhi


did ye checked ur detailed adsl usage mb ??cause mine free adsl mb did not got reset this month so it is zero but mine detail adsl usage mb is (free) is around 300 mb night ka it shows zero.n there was no need to reset the router. anyway complaine about ur bill