ACT Fibernet broadband worst customer service, beware

Dear all

I would like to share my experience of ACT Fibernet broadband in Bangalore. Well the funny thing here is, this happened even before getting the connection.

I had the contact number of the person incharge (Rangaiah +918884623765), he is the person incharge of Jayanagar/JP Nagar area of Bangalore. I called to check with him about how the service is in my locality, how frequently the connection goes down. His response was quite shocking :

"If you have doubts, don't take the connection. Why bother checking". This kind of response is appalling. If this is the kind of response even before getting the connection, I can imagine what a customer would have to go through after getting the connection. Good luck to ACT getting new customers with this kind of attitude :)!!!

Also I know from my friends who use ACT in broadband about frequent disruptions in their area and the long wait before the issue is rectified.

Literally what my friend said :

"Basically the line goes down about twice a month (on average - sometimes more / sometimes less) - and this has been happening for about a year+.The connection also goes when power goes down in the area."
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