Want to upgrade to better VDSL modem for airtel Fibernet Broadband


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The standard D Link DSL 224 VDSL modem which airtel provides with the new connection is sufficient for online browsing and video streaming.

As an avid games I want to upgrade to something better. As there are very few VDSL modem+wifi AC routers in the market right now, I spent 3 hours searching for the desired item. I have finally shortlisted one. Can anyone please suggest if it will be compatible with Airtel

Netgear D7000
802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit

Link: AC1900 - Nighthawk VDSL/ADSL Modem Router


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Firstly, you may want to post it in v-fiber forum. This forum is for pure fiber from Airtel.

It's better to use a real fiber connection if you want better ping times.

Rarely, the modem makes any difference in ping times.

I get approximately 18ms to google servers within India. I use hauwei hg630 with Airtel v-fiber.

What ping times do you get at the moment with the current D-Link modem?

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Airtel V-Fiber is DSL and not Fiber or FTTH.