Airtel mobile office wrongly charged problem?

i use airtel rs 20/day service whenever i want to. i mean i activate it when i want and use it for a day and then stop it. whenever i activate it rs 20 gets dedeucted from my balance so nothing unusual about that. i sometimes also use the zero rental scheme of mobile ofice wherein i am charged 30 paise for 50 kb usage.
now i had called on airtel customer for some other query and the executive had to repost some 20 odd rupees in my account but he said i had used airtel mobile office earlier for about 2 to 3 months and the company didnt charged me. he then asked how did i manage to do that. i told him that i have a prepaid account and i cant use mobile office service or any other service without paying for it. he said that it shows on his system that i had used the mobile office service and wasnt charged for that. i really got worried and confused that i havent used any service continuously for 2 to 3 months coz as i mentioned earlier i used only the rs 20/day and 30 paise per 50 kb service and everytime i used that service my balance got deducted accordingly. SO I DONT KNOW HOW HE WAS SYAING THAT I HAVE USE THE SERVICES FOR FREE??? Initiative Q NUTRA THRIVE Noom Diet Plan
i am telling you people that i havent used any free service and an honest man in this regard and i cant figure out whats the problem.
please help me what should i do next? shall i ask them to send me an itemised bill or shall i go to the consumer court. at the moment i even dont know how much outstanding amount they are talking about? what should i do if its a big amount..
can i sue them for illegaly and wrongly charging me and can i ak for compensation? coz i am mentally tortured by this event.
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very long post.

contact them on social media, email and check how much bill is pending, explain them you have not used any mobile office service and ask them to remove any pending bill.

if its a small amount I don't think it would worth going to consumer court or to sue them but yeah you can do all that.

Also if this number is not very important you can just dump this sim and get a new one.
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