Random request timeout every minute, router problem or bsnl service problem?

so for the past three days my nets been freezing every 30 second (approx) i did some ping checks with cmd and i get a request time out every other second > Ping test image
it didnt use to be like this before, it was always smooth but for the past days its been jittering, my net completely shuts off for that 1 second of request timeout, thus i cant do gaming or voice calls without lags, i thought the issue might be with my router and ping my router's ip but there were no request timeout errors when pinging my router >Ping test router img
thus i thought it might be my pc so i used my mobile data on my pc and did a ping test, this time i had no request timeout/disconnectivity issues
thus i came to the conclusion that the problem is not at my end, its some adsl related stuff, i did talk to customer are and the customer care guy filed a complaint about my problem, but looking at how he explained my problem, i dont think it will get resolved anytime soon xD > screenshot of complaint
PS: its not his fault that hes not a tech geek, i totally understand
Now, if anybody could tell me why is this happening and what could be the possible issues? this is really frustrating since i live in a village thus i cant change to any other ISP, this is putting a break on my gaming career. as i mentioned this only started happening a few days ago, so there must have been something that went wrong, can somebody please please please help me or explain the situation to me, i just made a account here since i couldnt find anything elsewhere so i thought might aswell as you guys, please help,. i dont wanna play with jio mobile internet :'(
If anybody wanna talk to me over voice chat to understand the situation better or ask me questions regarding my problem then we can do it,
thanks for reading
- 16 y.o autistic village boi <3