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Gurugram to acquire digital audio books provider AudibleOnline retailing giant Amazon has announced that they are now acquiring digital audio books provider Audible Inc.The deal is worth around USD 300 million and it would help them to expand their audio download offerings.Amazon recently launched their digital media store by offering DRM free music through Amazon [...] to acquire digital audio books provider Audible
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Navjot Singh

With Chetan Bhagat Signed, Amazon Is Ready to Launch Audible in India

It looks like Amazon finally has all the pieces in place to launch Audible in India, and we've got a lot of different factors that point us in this direction.

Amazon has been in talks with publishers like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Juggernaut on board Audible, a fact that was reported in February 2017. Sources within the company confirm that Amazon started hiring people for its Audible team - which is being run out of Singapore - around the same time.

A source in the publishing industry tells that the first part of this is something that the company has been focusing a lot on over the last one year, and that it's "very close to going public” with its plans now.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Amazon has already been beta testing Audible in India

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