Closure of Access Services: Telecom Companies need to give 30 day notice to customer before closing services


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Telcos need to give 30 day notice to customers before closing service: Sundararajan, Telecom News, ET Telecom

The new rule is part of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's recommendations on 'Closure of Access Services' that were approved by the Telecom Commission at its meeting held Wednesday.

"This was from point of view of ease of doing business and also customers are not put to great difficulty. It was decided that the customers are given 30 days notice before a service shut down and the licensor and Trai should be notified 60 calendar days in advance. Earlier no time limit was there," Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan told reporters here.

Following approval of Trai's recommendation, the subscriber would also not need to port his mobile number on same network if a particular technology is closed down but will need to port out if entire services of telecom operator are shut down.

The commission for the convenience of telecom operator approved that in case the company wants to close down services partially, it will not be required to surrender entire licence.