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hi, I know everyone here is going to move their ISP form Sify broadband to other ISP. Me too. Before to make any decision you have read the reviews not from the isp's website. I got one website called it all about reviews an votings on all indian products. I myself read many reviews on many isp just now. If I read those reviews before two months i would not have take i connection. So I suggest everyone to read the reviews written by the induviduals like you and me. If we know any site like this post here and your views.



I have been a user of Touchtel for 5 months before I switched to Sify. Here's a review I wrote about touchtel when I was still using their services.

Only a couple of things have changed.

1. Touchtel now also offers 256 kbps. Way too expensive. Also it is a plan with a bandwidth cap which I don't really like(Same issue with Sify). There is no transperancy in any data based plans unlike the time based plans.
2. Since I have used both the services, I found that the speeds on Touchtel were not great. I averaged between 40-80 kbps on a 128 kbps connection. Sify on the otherhand, most of the times gives me 120+ kbps.
3. The customer support of Touchtel is superb. Sify is nowhere close.
4. The touchtel; connections were pretty reliable. Had downtime only once as far as I remember. Sify has too many downtimes.
5. Sify is much much lighter on my pocket. With Touchtel DSL, my monthly telephone + Internet bills were any thing between 1500-1800 P.M. With Sify, I think my phone bill + Sify Internet should not cross Rs. 700-800 P.M. That's probably also because I am on the night Plan (Rs. 360 P.M.).


PS: I spoke to somebody from VSNL about their broadband services. They will be using Dishnet's DSL technology. In Bangalore, they have a tieup with the Govt. Power distribution body (KPTCL) and they have already laid cables along with the powerlines. There's no clarity on how the services would function and what will the mode of delivery to the homes be.


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mouthshut is very closed community. does not let you share URIs to other places. and have discussion limitation to only comments. i posted few reviews. got bored considering people were open to post dummy reviews without getting moderated.