How the bandwidth of bsnl broadband users of different plans are given ?


Hi, Some technical details only known to technical people who actually provide the facility. But i am always curious about so many things that i ask thisquery.
How the bandwidth of bsnl broad band users of different plan speed opted are provided technically?
Is it from the selected plan ( for eg.. all having opted for the sameplan)in the area of the user?
Is it from the total users of the Service Provider, here BSNL of the selected plan
or is it from the total users of all plans, irrespective of opted bandwidth.
Ina nutshell, i want to know the mecahnism involved in distribution of speed of differnet plan users.
I do not think that it is involving any security concerns.
I want only technical details, as i could not get the details in surfing the net.
If anybody gives the link for knowing this, i would be happy.


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I am not an expert or technical person and your question is little confusing. (probably this is why you did not got any reply)

But its pretty easy to set bandwidth limit just like you can set bandwidth limit for your lan users from your router.

If you pay for 10 Mbps plan then you will get 10 Mbps bandwidth, for home users it is shared, if you want dedicated bandwidth you will have to pay for a leased line.