How mobile tower signal distribution works in india ?

in my area i am getting signal from Jio Tower at 850 Mhz bandwidth varies from 3Mhz ,5 Mhz to 10 Mhz recently a new tower has been commissioned by jio which is around 2 km from my location but i am not getting signals of nearby tower even using Jio hotspot why i am able to get good signal reception from tower which is 12 km from my location(by road) and unable to get signal from nearest tower ,by same logic getting signal from 12 km tower i should able to get 1800Mhz signal from near by tower.

and other operator like vodafone airtel has 4g reach in my area but only specific point(where i didnt get 2 g signal) getting 1 bar of LTE signal DL speed around 5Mbps and 0.2 UL speed
contacted CC of airtel and vodafone they replied ,your location is around 1.3 km from site so we cannot serve
as per there claim they can only serve less then 1 km radius i tested in different location and found out getting signal from same tower within 3.5 range
i am in rural area there is no large building to obstacle signal
i am sandwiched between to airtel towers LTE/3G/2G but not getting signal (indore:0 Outdoor 1-2 bar)
i just want to know are there claim about serving radius 1 km is false or true because jio signal which i am getting is from tower which is 12 km by road from my location (850 Mhz(day time) to 1800 Mhz(in night) why airtel tower cant penetrate more then 1 km (as claimed by cc) and jio is able to do