Hathway is trying to scam me? Prices increased without any notification?


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So, recently my 4 (3+1)month Hathway internet plan expired. I was getting 50 mbps speed with Unlimited Data(1tb) at a price of Rs562 per month (New Delhi) which was pretty cool. Apparently Hathway was also offering the same plan for new customers too.

It has been 15 days since my subscription has expired and right now, they are spamming me with calls and messages, day and night, asking me to recharge my account with Rs 2700 to get 50mbps speed with unlimited data for 3 months. This means that the effective per month price comes to around Rs900.

Why should I spend Rs 900 for a plan which was available for just Rs560 ,the previous month. Meanwhile, all other ISPs are giving away freebies and discounts, and Hathway is trying to scam me? No other ISP is asking for Rs900 per month for 50mbps internet (not even airtel and ACT)

I have told the same thing to Hathway representatives, and they have told me that, they are not offering such plans/offers right now!

So, should I move to other ISPs or should I wait for 15 more days , so that Hathway can offer me "welcome back offers" ? Any other advice would be helpful too.