Airtel broadband/landline billing scam!!! Read on!!

Hi Guys

I would like to share my experience that I have had with Airtel.
I' have been a customer of Airtel broadband for close to 12 years now. Started off with the 128 kbps back then to recently getting an upgrade after repeated requests to 40 mbps V-Fiber. Took all the energy out of me to get this finally sorted in Jan 2018.

I have subscribed for automatic payment for Airtel and never did I scrutinize the bill thoroughly until recently in December 2017 when I was asking for this upgrade to V-Fiber.

What I noticed was shocking!!!
1. Additional charges on my bill - Airtel Hello Tunes, PC Secure and Storage all together for Rs 215 every month. I honestly didn't even know what the PC Secure and Storage were. Ofcourse, secure gives and indication, but is that exactly, no clue as I haven't installed any software from Airtel.

So here is what I do, I lodge a complaint with Appellate and tell them that you have added wrong things on my account without my consent and I want a refund for the same for the period that you have levied these charges on my acocunt.
I continue following up 2-3 times a day spending about 30 minutes of my time for each call trying to see the status. All that I heard was we are working on it, please give us some time. Finally somewhere in the first week of Jan, I get a call from a person named Divya saying : Sir, we have gone through the bill, we have seen those charges and we will refund you 4000Rs. I told them, how is 4000Rs cutting this, this is close to 20k INR of SCAM. She replies : Sir we will first refund this 4k then we will look into the older things. The next call was from Prachi regarding the same, but the same story. That was it, upgraded to V-Fiber and no more calls.

Attaching one of the email conversations that I had with them :

[email protected]
Dec 27, 2017, 11:00 AM

to me

Dear Sudarshan,

Greetings from Airtel!

This is in reference to your email regarding vector upgrade and other internet issues for your airtel broadband connection bearing account number 1163xxxx.

Basis our discussion on 984583xxxx, please be informed that the vector upgrade and change of RSU has been successfully done and your plan has been changed from Airtel-UL-ZIP 1299 175GB (8Mbps/1Mbps) COMBO Plan to Airtel-UL-ZOOM 1299 175GB (40Mbps/1 Mbps) COMBO Plan.

Regarding the adjustments related to issues, I have adjusted the amount of Rs. 500 (500+90taxes) towards your current outstanding and the balance amount after the adjustment is Rs. 1051.83/-

Also note that I have highlighted the billing issue to concern team and our team is working on it on priority basis and will get back to you with an update at the earliest. Please note the reference number for this issue is 91732312.

For further queries, please do email.

Please visit our website for a range of products and services.

I haven't heard anything from them, they just closed the complaint that was open without a resolution. Guys, please give me a solution. They cannot be taking customers for a ride like this, I'm sure there are so many others who are not even aware of this.

Once I got to know this, I checked my post paid mobile bill, the same scam was there on that bill as well.
It's always good to cross check all bills before just takes couple of minutes to avoid future always fraud
Srivilliputhur (TN)
BSNL FTTH & 3g, Jio 4g and Airtel 4g
Sorry to know what happened. I am fed up with all these kind of online scams these days. Just lost 5k in another site. Since, people are busy these days and people trust big brands, it is easy to scam individuals who may not have the resources to go against corporates.

It could also be the sales guy who activated all the extras. Just checked my bill again, no extra charges.
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