what do i tell technical team so that they fix their horrible latency and speed.


For more than a month now hathway's speed at night has been slowing to less than 10mbps and it's latency to every server around the world is more than double of what it should be and won't stay constant for even a second.

You can just forget about gaming online because even Mumbai servers will give you 150-200ms.
It won't stay stable for even a second, one second it will be 160ms amd next it will be 155ms, another it will be 153ms.

Singapore, EU and NA is same story, pick any game you want and it's latency will jump every second.
At least speed gets lowered at night but this latency problem stays whole day.

So what is the real problem here?
Is it routing?
Can someone share his routing or suggest which one is good.
It is not just faced by me but most(or maybe whole) Delhi.

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I'm also facing the same issues. Probably more than @Mr_mime and way before he acknowledged the issue.

You can read here: Hathway High Ping Issue, Please Help | Hathway Broadband

They haven't done anything to resolve the issue yet since then and I have marked multiple emails to the team and made multiple support tickets as well but no resolution yet.

I have given up the hopes with Hathway now. They are bringing their own downfall themselves when Jio is going to launch.

I get more than 60ms ping on Delhi Servers (Avg is 70-80ms). Normal Pings used to be 10ms before.

I get 5 mbps speed on Delhi Servers. Normal Speeds used to be 47mbps.
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Guys, I had a similar issue with speeds not even reaching 10mbps, even though I had a 50Mbps plan. I called up their customer care and informed them regarding the issue. They sent over the technician within 2 days time and told me that it was a problem from their end. They fixed the speed issue completely. Now the only scene is the crappy ping that you get even in bom servers. Up until 2 days back it was 10ms and since yesterday it's back to 122ms. :(

If any of you know of any tweaks that can be made on the page please let me know!