Hathway broadband Shifting request is pending since 5 days.

I raised a request to shift my Hathway broadband connection on 05 July 2018 early morning, The reference # is 05072018M62515. Its been 5 days that nobody had ever contacted me to serve against my request.

I had called customer care many time in last 5 days but seems Hathway doesnt understand the meaning of 'customer care'. The customer care representatives always give false commitment that someone from their team will call me within 4 hours, but no one had called ever. I even talked to one of customer care manager, he committed that my request will be server by Saturday 07 July evening, or max by Monday 07.

Seems it is the culture and ethics of Hathway to give false commitment and to provide pathetic service to their customer.


I got banned!