Amazon India is messed up


So I ordered a set of towels few days ago from Amazon India.
I did pick the option of delayed delivery for that Rs. 15 cashback but it would not be applicable in all cases.
They put it on a five day delivery schedule. Alright.

I was going through the Amazon Prime Now app earlier today and noticed that the same item is available through it with same day (i should get it between 10am-noon today!) delivery.
Canceled the order on Amazon India and placed the order through Amazon Prime Now app.

I just do not get Amazon. They have created multiple stores which share products. Prime Now is getting more and more products from Amazon India catalog especially Amazon's own range of products. Fire TV Stick for example is available for 3399 on Prime Now IIRC. And you can get it delivered within 2 hours!

Why not just let the consumer order products from a single user interface. And then ship the product using the fastest/optimal route available to them?
Right now if I have to order a grocery item, it could be available through all three product offerings Amazon, Amazon Pantry and Amazon Prime Now. With different pricing and delivery schedule! What a mess they have created.

Also of course, from what I have read, they would be pushing Prime Now heavily during the upcoming Prime Day sale. I think they want to switch to Prime Now in cities where it is available for a bunch of categories. Seems like a logical option. But frankly speaking... When I think of buying something, I tend to launch the Amazon app on my phone and not Amazon Prime Now. But from the looks of it, it makes more sense to check Prime Now first. Because of much faster delivery!
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and it's delivered already lol.