So, today after watching this forum for about 4 months, I finally joined it. I initially came to this forum to find out about FTTH broadband in my area (Kaushambi, Ghaziabad). But couldn't find any apart from Excitel (I read the reviews about packet loss and all), airtel V fiber which offers a shitty 40mbps though their customer care executive told me 100mbps or even 300mbps FTTH was available in my area. But when my area technician called he told me the best I could get is 40mbps. (I was still at Extranet at this time and this was last month). Then finally BSNL deployed their Fiber optic cable in my area last month but I don't want BSNL FTTH because of FUP.

I was hell bent on getting any FTTH connection but with good speed but couldn't get any as they were not available in my area.

Then finally something came up in my mind (yesterday) and I thought why not ask my lco if I could get FTTH and today I asked him and apparently he can provide me with FTTH though I would have to pay for the fiber cable and the fiber media converter (I would call it ONT but whatever), the price for both is going to be around 5-6k. Well, if it can give me higher and stable speed. The highest he can provide me is 150mbps for now. Newer plans will be introduced with higher speed as soon as they are available in the coming months. But this FTTH will be like a leased line so it is my personal FTTH line. He buys bandwidth from many telcos like Tata, Airtel, BSNL and so on and merges them (As he told me). I don't do torrent and all so not really my concern but yeah I get full Speed in my torrent through lan cable (10-12.5 MB/s) or WiFi 2.4ghz in my laptop (5-7 MB/s) don't know about 5ghz torrent though don't have 5ghz wifi in my laptop but if I had to guess then 10-11 MB/s. My last Torrent was done 1 year ago, after that I cleaned my laptop completely. I pay 1400 for 100mbps Unlimited data no FUP. At first last year I was on 1300 30 mbps plan then the plan got upgraded to 50 mbps for the same amount and now I have this 1400 100mbps plan. Downtimes were a bit this year in april like maybe 5. But got fixed and now no downtimes have occurred since then. Even if a downtime is there, in hardly 1.5 hours it is resolved. It's been a year and 4 months with extranet. It is also my first time with broadband with extranet. I do play online games on my ps4 and I didn't experience any packet loss too.

Now coming to what I currently have, a 100mbps connection on coaxial cable, a 5ghz router TP-Link archer C60 (not gigabit) connected through lan cable cat5e to modem. I will buy a gigabit router in July when the installation will begin.

Some speed tests.

Update: forgot to mention, it is also available in delhi. Though I don't know whole delhi or some parts. Their regional office is in Preet Vihar.
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