How to configure Airtel modem in bridge mode to use with router



I have a Airtel vfiber connection and currently have the Binatone DT920W modem/router given by Airtel. I want to use this as a bridge with my Tenda N300 ADSL2 router. Below are the screenshots of the DT920W WAN page and Tenda N300 setup page :-

Binatone DT920W WAN page -


Tenda Router setup page -

screencapture 192 168 1 2 2018 05 16 12 34 02

I tried the below 2 configurations but both have some issues -

1. Deleted all the WAN interfaces on Binatone DT920W modem and configured it as a bridge with VLAN enabled and DHCP turned off. Then I had my Tenda router set to Link type : Ethernet and connection type PPPOE. Then I plugged a LAN cable from DT920W LAN1 port to Tenda WAN port.

This way my tenda router was dialing in the connection using PPPOE and all the other LAN devices and wireless devices connect using the Tenda router.

Issue faced - Initially the speeds are around 40 Mbps but after 5 minutes speeds drop to around 8-10 Mbps. I think this is due to the Tenda router (it being a ADSL modem/router) dialling into the connection.

2. I had the DT920W setup as usual, connection to the connection using PPPOE and VLAN enabled and Wireless disabled. and then I plugged a cable from it's LAN1 port to Router WAN port and setup router as Ethernet bridge. To my surprise the router was up and running and all LAN devices plugged into the router work and wireless work as well.

Issue faced - The DHCP server of DT920W needs to be on in addition to the Tenda DHCP server. this causes many wireless devices to have 'Internet may not be available' error with them not being able to connect to the internet despite being connected to the Wifi network.

How can i configure my DT920W modem correctly with my router so that I can use my router only for LAN devices and Wifi ?