Airtel Bangalore FTTH Area Availability


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Hey guys,

I'm planning on shifting soon but I want to shift to an area that has Airtel FTTH available. I'm currently near MG Road which is still stuck on 16Mbps for reference. When I asked Airtel over an email for a list of areas that have FTTH they told me they would not be able to provide that information and that I would need to provide a connection shift request before I would find out if the area had FTTH available or not.

My current plan is to start apartment hunting anyway and then call the local guys on the flyers and ask if they have FTTH when I'm checking a place out. I'll list all the places I can here as I hunt but if the few members that have FTTH connections already post the areas in which they live we can get this list going a lot faster.



Why not consider spectra? They have 1Gbps unlimited starting from 1249+ taxes. Their site lists all the areas where they have the feasibility.


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I haven't heard good things about their support. Airtel has been rock solid for me so I would much rather opt for their 100Mbps unlimited plan over Spectra.

There's also the matter of availability. Unfortunately the areas in which Spectra is available aren't too attractive for me based on my other criteria. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Rohan Chawla

You should prefer a local operator I have been using triple play for a while now with no issues. Plan 994 for 100 Mbps Unlimited.

Sandeep Rao

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Was a Airtel loyalist for quite long in the past. But for quite some time now using it as secondary or back up connection.

Simple reason : For me it turned out that their customer support is no upto the mark. Their vFibre (what ever they call) created more problems than it solved in terms of higher speeds.

Based on my experience :

1. Confirm from the support team / technical team if they can offer services in your area.

2. Confirm the maximum speed they can provide. Even if they tell higher speeds are possible, ask them to confirm once more that it is possible.

3. Ask for confirmation on FTTH service I would check out with couple of users in the area if it is vFibre.

4. Today their team was supposed to come for changing from copper to fibre, and as happened in the past no one has come up, inspite of of firm commitment - Expect delays.

Switched over to ACT for primary and finding that service stability is good. With regards to service two times services were not working in last six months. They have provided a dedicated support mail id for out apartment users. On sending mail, within hours it was rectified.