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BCCI 24 hour channel

SCOOP: CricketNext has managed to procure the special blueprint of the proposed 24 hr TV channel to be owned by BCCI. Enclosed is the synopsis of the findings in the classified document.


6 AM--------- Hitting for a Six

A program focused on how to negotiate commercial contracts with sponsors, and hit them with wild abandon over the ropes. Six of the best!

7 AM----------007 in Cricket

A tongue-in-cheek episode , involving BCCI officials who are on His Majesty ’s service, and are used to flying to exotic locales for no real reason actually and indulge in Bond-like luxuries.

8 AM----------Who 8 up the profits?

A whodunit, an investigative story , which will probe the reason why huge expenses incurred by BCCI is inevitable and necessary , thus redefining transparency .

9 AM----------Everything is Fine

Hosted by SK Nair, who will dispel notions associated with his nonplussed face and confused utterances.

10 AM---------Breakfast Cereal Show :

In keeping with BCCI waking hours, this will feature the daily brief on all serial cases where the lawyers will be fighting various BCCI disputes in courts.. Owing to the complexity of the task, eminent battery of legal experts will host the program.

11 AM-----------Eye for an Eye

A program on Team – Spirit

Co-hosted by Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid

12 PM----------Friends

A special one on male bonding with famous cricket couples such as Kapil-Dev and Sunil Gavaskar, Mohd Azharrudin and Navjot Singh Sidhu etc

1 PM-----------: BCCI Bakra

A spoof-program featuring all those who have been suitably conned and made a buffoon of by the august body , and since institutionalized into the Hall of Lame..

Hosted by Akash Chopra and SS Das.

2PM-----------Handling press-( ure) !

Mohd Azharrudin on how to speak with a straight face, and say the same thing whether the match was won, lost or drawn, and best of all to make the public believe him every time. To be assisted by Jaywant Lele, former Secretary, BCCI.

3PM---------- Vat 69-Quiz Contest

Manoj Prabhakar will preside over this contest which will include brain teasers on guessing who said what to whom and when and where in which hotel in front of which witness etc. The prize amount is a whopping Rs 25 lakhs.

4 PM------------Download Cricket on your Mobile

A Mallika Sherawat special, with graphic simulations of stimulating moments while playing ( on) the field.

5 PM----------High Fives

The 5 Selectors will discuss how they overcome partisan pressures , monetary bribes and zonal pressures to create a cohesive team without any bias or prejudice..

6 PM-----------Indian Idle

A highly competitive interactive program which will select our most sleepy and sloppy fielders; to be co-hosted by Ashish Nehra, VVS Laxman and Anil Kumble

7 PM------------Cricket Fever

This program will discuss the frequent sickness, health problems and physical injuries suffered by our national cricketers.

Hosted by Zaheer Khan and Vinod Kambli

8 PM-----------Kaun Banega Crorepati ka Crorepati

-------------A live contest between Jagmohan Dalmiya and Sharad Pawar

9 PM---------Breaking News

A BCCI nightcap on all damages suffered by BCCI on a daily basis, including broken crockery and contracts.

10 PM--------X-Rated Factor

A deep inside-cricket perspective with Parthiv Patel on his growing up with the bad naughty boys amongst the Men in Blue

11 PM----------Kyunki Shaz bhi kabhi bahut tha

Ravi Shastri, giving his words of wisdom to young hopefuls on how to curb extra-curricular distractions off the field.

12 AM---------12th Man

A special on working-out-on-the-bench by Murli Karthik

1 AM--------------Tiger by the Tail

Former captain Nawab of Pataudi , on how to develop the “killing” instinct of a tiger in the Indian team

2 AM--------------It takes two to tango

Jagmohan Dalmiya and IS Bindra on how cricket administrators make perfect bedfellows, and there is no thing as “ ideological” differences

3 AM--------------Floodlights

A program featuring how multi million dollar deals are best done at nocturnal times

4 AM---------------Horror Show

This will feature all umpiring decisions of Steve Bucknor on India matches.

5 AM-------------The Coach Who never Sleeps

Greg Chappell on putting on the thinking cap instead of catching a wink, curing insomnia , reading De Bozo and keeping a constant smile no matter what the provocation.

Managing Editor [/b]

i like that steve bucknor one..... :lol:


Microsoft to work with BCCI for software to improve umpiring standards in India
The Board of Control for Cricket in India is negotiating with the US based software giant Microsoft to develop solutions to help the board raise umpiring standards in the country.
Microsoft would now develop a software solution, which would help the BCCI to evaluate [...]



Why on earth BCCI is not using Indian software shop.....Cause BCCI is not an Indian company ;) Its registered in BVI


It need not outsource, it has its own center in India that handels services (and some Prod Dev).


Good News for Tata Sky Viewers :thumbsup::
Zee has cancelled its broadcast rights with BCCI for all the international matches played by india in neutral venue. This means that zee will not telecast the the tour of Ireland matches which involves matches against: SA, Pak & Irl. Now BCCI is in discussion with other broad cast. I think now neo sports or Espn Star might telecast the matches. But whom so ever is telecasting DD will show the match live due to Govt rule. Lets wait and watch whats going to happen but i am happy that zee sports is not going to telecast it which we dont get. I personally now feel that we dont require that channel now and more importantly we will get the Star Cricket channel soon for good quality cricket matches to be played in Australia, England & SA.
CricketNext.com: Cricket News - Zee cancels BCCI broadcast deal,Live Cricket Scores, Latest Cricket News, Cricket updates, Cricket Commentary, Cricket info


Star gazer
yes starsports/espn has chance. as starsports/espn are almost a MUST show channels due to popularity. so zee cant simply scrap the channels of their platform like neo sports was scrapped even if matches come on DD and we all know, ppl wont watch DD when its coming on starsports/espn, so star has good chance to generate revenue.


yes starsports/espn has chance. as starsports/espn are almost a MUST show channels due to popularity. so zee cant simply scrap the channels of their platform like neo sports was scrapped even if matches come on DD

and we all know, ppl wont watch DD when its coming on starsports/espn, so star has good chance to generate revenue.

More good news:
Nimbus loses telecast rights of Afro-Asia Cup

TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2007 04:07:43 AM]var msid=2088085 var mstatus = false; var sUser, cookiestring; function getCookievalue(strcookie) { var ipos = cookiestring.indexOf(strcookie); var ipos2 = cookiestring.indexOf(';',ipos); if (ipos != -1) { if (ipos2 == -1) ipos2 = cookiestring.length; return unescape(cookiestring.substring((ipos+strcookie.length+1),ipos2));} } try { document.domain='indiatimes.com'; cookiestring= document.cookie; cookiestring = cookiestring.toLowerCase(); sUser = getCookievalue('commlogu'); sUserLength = sUser.length; if (getCookievalue('cmssso') =='true') {mstatus=true;} } catch(er) {cookiestring=' '; sUserLength=0;} try { if ((sUserLength > 0) && (mstatus == true) ) {} else { /*document.write('' + 'Surf \'' + 'N' + '\' Earn -' + 'Sign innow' + ''); */ } } catch(er) {cookiestring=' '; sUserLength=0;}
http://ads.indiatimes.com/ads.dll/photoserv?slotid=1019MUMBAI: Nimbus has lost the right to telecast the upcoming Afro-Asia Cup after it defaulted on the payments to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Nimbus was supposed to pay $5.5 million — 25% of the entire amount — to ACC prior to the series. The non-payment has led to ACC terminating the contract with Nimbus. It has now awarded the contract to ESPN.

“Due to differences between Nimbus and the ACC, we have decided to terminate the contract and go with ESPN,” said ACC chief executive Ashraful Haq.The deal with ESPN is an 80:20 revenue sharing deal, with ACC getting 80% of the advertising revenue.Reacting to the development, Nimbus Communication CMD Harish Thawani said: “We will not be broadcasting the Afro-Asia cup.”

However, sources said that Nimbus was upset with the team that had been formed for the series, with no start Indian cricketer making it to the Twenty20 team except Sreesanth. With the top three cricketers not being part of the cup ...”It was not monetisable for us,” sources added.An ESPN spokesperson has confirmed the development. A formal announcement is expected on Thursday.

Nimbus loses telecast rights of Afro-Asia Cup-Entertainment-Media / Entertainment / Art-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

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