Google Cloud Text-to-Speech


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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Cloud Text-to-Speech powered by DeepMind WaveNet technology

Many Google products (e.g., the Google Assistant, Search, Maps) come with built-in high-quality text-to-speech synthesis that produces natural sounding speech. Developers have been telling us they’d like to add text-to-speech to their own applications, so today we’re bringing this technology to Google Cloud Platform with Cloud Text-to-Speech.
You can use Cloud Text-to-Speech in a variety of ways, for example:
To power voice response systems for call centers (IVRs) and enabling real-time natural language conversations
To enable IoT devices (e.g., TVs, cars, robots) to talk back to you
To convert text-based media (e.g., news articles, books) into spoken format (e.g., podcast or audiobook)
Cloud Text-to-Speech lets you choose from 32 different voices from 12 languages and variants. Cloud Text-to-Speech correctly pronounces complex text such as names, dates, times and addresses for authentic sounding speech right out of the gate. Cloud Text-to-Speech also allows you to customize pitch, speaking rate, and volume gain, and supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3 and WAV.