Illeffects of BJP Govt's despotic attitude and behaviour?

Deposit, lending rates set to rise: SBI report
Meanwhile, the currency in circulation has increased rapidly in the past two months. On a monthly basis, growth has been 0.45 lakh crore and 0.51 lakh crore in January 2018 and February 2018 respectively, compared to an average of 0.1 lakh crore and 0.2 lakh crore respectively in these two months in previous years (except 2017).

The reasons could be
1. "SC refuses to extend Aadhaar linking deadline"
2. Citizens hesitant to link Aadhaar details with e-commerce, digital wallets
3. Aadhaar linkage deadline: Mar 31. Waiting list for registration: May-end
4. Millions of Rural Indians May be Hit as UIDAI Ends Contract With CSC Network For Aadhaar Enrolment

Its common sense to withdraw money from bank and keep it at hand in case the BJP Govt repeats it despotic move (like Demonetization) to block bank accounts and cause chaos and havoc. The money can be re-deposited after the Supreme Court passes it judgement.
As a side effect it also supports the call for action to resist coercion (keep the minimum balance required in the account and maximum allowed cash in hand as emergency money)