Sea-Me-We 3 & Flag submarnine cables damaged


MTNL Triband + TATA night u/l
New Delhi: The Internet, broadband and voice call services remained affected in more than 700-800 companies, including business process outsourcing (BPO) units, following the severance of two major undersea cables by ONGC vessel Samudra Suraksha, which sank on Tuesday. Sea-Me-We 3 and Flag the two undersea cables operated by Tata and Reliance Infocomm respectively were cut by the multi-purpose support vessel of ONGC. Both undersea cables provide a crucial link between BPO companies in India and the US. More than 50 synchronous transport modules (STM) were destroyed by the vessel. STM is a data transport and switching system that can provide a speed of 50 million bits per second regardless of the number of users. VSNL sources said the traffic diverted to the back-up systems, but the pressure will be felt since VSNL have to route the calls through Singapore and Europe. The traffic has been routed through Cape of Good Hope using the SAFE another undersea cable system connecting the US through South Africa and the Far East. BPO companies like HCL, HP, Infosys, GE and Efund in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have denied any adverse impact of the cable cut on their networks. However, executives working in these firms have complained of latency and echo in calls. The VSNL spokesperson, while acknowledging that the ship has cut the undersea cable. A Reliance Infocomm also acknowledged that Flag has been hit. The cable cut has affected Flag customer traffic heading East between Mumbai and Satun/Penang.


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