Anybody able to make DC++ work on active mode


Has anybody been able to make DC++ work directly in active mode. When I first used it, I found that although I could connect to hubs directly but my searches didn't return any results. Later on, I found that this was due to the dynamic IP assigned to me every time I connected. So now whenever I connect, I have to get my IP from and enter it in the IP box in the connection settings for DC++. Is there any way of making it work so I dont have to enter my IP address every time?


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i think the solution is that u register with no-ip and set one domain name...put the domain name there...update ur IP whenever u connect and that should work, but am not too sure...i can access my router page like this, hope u can do what u want as well...also, u don't need to go to whatismyip each time u restart...just go to "Status" of ur router page and u can see ur IP let us know if it worked...enjoy!!! :D