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Gayam Motor Works: Driving the future: This startup is already powering India's electric vehicle dream - The Economic Times

Gayam Motor Works (GMW) is not making a sedan, SUV or a sports car, but what it has been able to achieve in a short span of time with limited resources is nothing short of being remarkable. GMW is the first company in the world to develop an electric three-wheeler with Li-Ion battery, with a battery swapping system. Everything in the last sentence puts Gayam in a very unique position. Why?

"Transportation comprises 51% of pollution in India, and 75-80% in urban areas according to Petroleum Conservation Research. About 22 of 50 urban areas with the worst air pollution are in India, with New Delhi is the most polluted city on earth. More than 10 lakh deaths in India are caused due to air pollution annually," says Sri Harsha Bavirisetty, the COO of GMW.

He adds that the need for automobiles is growing rapidly and the country is expected to reach 400 million vehicles by 2030 from 140 million vehicles in 2011. "Electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which specifically helps improve air quality in urban areas," says Bavirisetty.

India is the biggest producer and exporter of auto-rickshaws across the globe with as many as 45 million rides are being taken daily by commuters in India on these three-wheelers. "While large automobile companies are focusing on electric cars and scooters, we saw a huge opportunity in the electric three-wheeler space," says Bavirisetty.