Binatone DT920W not connecting to Iphone and Macbook but works well with Android and Windows devices


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Hi All,

Sorry for the big post. But I would like to explain it better to get a solution for my problem.

I am staying in Chennai, Pallikaranai narayanapuram area. This month starting I received call from Airtel asking me to upgrade to VDSL modem as they are upgrading their service. They told me that I will be getting upto 40Mbps of speed. I became exited as I was in just 4Mbps connection with my own ADSL modem. The problem started right after they upgraded. They offered my Binatone DT920W VDSL modem router. I started getting frequent disconnections. I called customer care, and as usual the service engineer came and reset the modem, changed wifi name and password, did few modem configurations and made it to work. The same night again the connection was lost. Again I called and yelled at them. Next day they came and changed the modem with another one of the same model. This is I got a unique issue. I am using iPhone 8Plus and Macbook pro. My wife and mom used andriod mobiles and windows laptop. only my Apple devices were not connecting to the wifi. Whereas andriod and windows laptop were connecting perfectly. Everytime I need to forget the network, turn off wifi, restart to get my devices connected to the wifi. Yesterday again the service guy came and he was also confused to what setting that he need to setup to get my apple devices connected. because in the previous modem there were no issues with connection. They were perfect. Right after this change i am getting pissed off with this frequent dis-connection. I searched in apple forums and got a recommended settings for wifi configuration. I gave that to the service guy and he did the configuration. After that I got it connected but that too did not last for a day. From yesterday night my mac starts to struggle to get connected. Mac finds it difficult to connect right after using from sleep. Similarly my iphone would not connect whenever i go out of the range and come back home again. I cannot blame the apple devices as they were working like charm wih previous ADSL modem.

Can someone tell me, if you are facing the similar issue like me with Apple devices after the upgrade. Or I would be happy if there is a solution or turnaround for this. I am not sure if this is a modem or connection issue. if modem issue, I am ready to scrap this modem and get a god VDSL modem available in market.



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Please post a screenshot of the wifi configuration page. You may blank out your SSID and passphrase(if visible).

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I have few things to say here.

1. You are living in Chennai, Why are you relying on Airtel when you have so much of better options there (I'm not sure if you have other companies there in your area, if you have give them a try).

2. It's always good to buy Asus's, TP-Link's Router for the WiFi and Lan Purpose.

Use Airtel's Modem for the Modem purpose only. But I use other brand for my LAN and WiFi purpose.

So what I do is that Modem to Router (ASUS/TP-Link) via. Ethernet and then I connect all of my devices with my own router's WiFi.

It's better for the speed, signal and compatibility.

Problem is that it a lot depends upon the quality of WiFi chips they are using in their router.

It's ofcourse known that Airtel is looting people + their modem are stupid as shit.

Try buying any ASUS router you may feel affordable going with. :)

I have iPhones, iPad, MacBook.

But if you can't go with the router thing, I would suggest to upload the WiFi settings of iPhone, MacBook and Router for us so that we can see that. :)


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try assigning static ip to your devices with mac binding and switching to a less crowded wifi channel also check logs, if there is any problem with authentication it should be there

sometimes its just old or faulty wifi routers :)


In modem web page there will option to set Time automatically...
in that set +5.30 and as server.
Had to do this with my BSNL ADSL modem as well.


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I am having same.issue after Airtel installed this Binatone modem. It works in all devices except iOS and Mac devices. Were you able to fix this issue?

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