Google is killing unused free Google Apps accounts


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It looks like you haven’t used your Google Apps account for the domain in the past 365 days. Google will suspend your account on or after Jan 5, 2018, and will close your account and delete your account data on or after Feb 4, 2018, unless you take action as described below.

Want to keep your account?
If you want to keep this Google Apps account, please sign in to before Feb 4, 2018, and we’ll know that you’re still using the account. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, we can help you recover your account. Once you log in, you should receive an email within the next 48 hours letting you know that your account is no longer targeted for deletion.

Don’t want your account or your data?
If you don’t want this Google Apps account and don’t want to save any of your data (such as any Gmail messages or contacts, or files stored in Drive), you don’t need to do anything. We’ll automatically close your account and delete your data on or after Feb 4, 2018.

Once your account is closed, you will no longer be able to access your Google Apps account for the domain and all your data in that account will be permanently deleted. No one will be able to access your old data by creating a new Google Apps account with this domain name.

Want to export your data?
If you want to export your data from your Google Apps account, you can sign in to and export your data any time in the next 60 days. Then, if you want to delete your account, follow instructions to delete your account.

Visit the G Suite Help Center to learn more about why Google closes inactive accounts.

The Google Apps Team
I have been getting mails related to a bunch of domains which had a free Google Apps account connected with them but are no longer being used. I just hope they do not kill it for accounts which are still being used :D