Amazon India Support told me that remorse returns are not possible


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This is the image of the product from the Amazon listing I am looking to buy:

This is the product image shared by a previous buyer:

Amazon listing states that this product is unreturnable.

I got on support chat and asked them if they would accept return if the delivered product does not match the product images posted by the seller. I was told that only description needs to match and product images are just indicative. This is baffling because the image shared by the seller is not a generic image. It is for Nokia 8 and has proper cutouts. But the product image shared by a buyer shows crappy cutouts and looks much worse.

The support lady even went ahead and told me that remorse returns are not possible. What the freaking fuck.

Complete chat.

Me: Return policy on MTT Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard for Nokia 8: Electronics
You are now connected to Sara from

Sara: Hello, my name is Sarah from the specialist team
How may I help you?

Me: i just want to know why return option is disabled for this product: MTT Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard for Nokia 8: Electronics
product image posted by the seller does not match the image shared by one of the previous buyer
without a return policy, how can i be sure that i get the product as shown on the product listing

Sara: Okay
Have you purchased it and having any issues with it ?

Me: i have to purchase it but the product listing clearly states that
This item is non-returnable.

Sara: Yes.
The product is a non returnable product . But incase if there is description error or delivery error we can make exceptions to it by checking the product and verifying it
And incase of broken or damaged product getting delivered alo

Me: so if the product i get does not match the product image posted by the seller, it can be returned?

Sara: Not in case of image. In case of description error
Because picture provided is for an idea about the product ., but description is what matters

Me: not really. for this product type
tempered glass for a specific phone model
product image is the most important
because of the cutouts for various parts of the phone

Sara: I dont think so Mr.Sushusbh because it has been clearly mentioned that it is for nokia 8

Me: if the cutouts do not match the product image, it is clear case of cheating by the seller
and the product image is for nokia 8
with proper cutouts for the nokia 8 phone
you cannot show it to have proper cutouts in the product image
and then sell a completely different product
with different cutouts

Sara: Yes. In that case of it does not get delivered the same way then we can make an exception
Because the description says Nokia 8
No doubt about that

Me: if you compare the image posted by the seller
with the image posted by a buyer
you can clearly see
that they are completely different products
seller's image is for nokia 8
it is not a generic image
it has proper cutouts for cameras and speakers
but he sent that buyer a completely inferior product
with much larger cutouts

Sara: that is in very rare case that a wrong product gets delivered., and I said , incase of anything as such happens from our end., we will accept the return of it

Me: ok. can you send this to me on email so that i have it on record.

Sara: Sure. But to let you know that remorse returns are not possible

Me: remorse returns?
i just want the product to have same cutouts as the seller image for the same phone.

Sara: That is when the description says nokia 8 and we deliver the same but you dont like it anymore
In that case return will not be possible
For any product

Me: good god
thanks for clarifying this position.

Sara: That's my job

Me: time to reevaluate my trust in amazon to save customer's position
i just want the product to match what the product image shows
and you are talking about remorse about buying a product and returning it
this is the worst ever response i have ever had from an amazon customer care representative
thanks for nothing.


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Why cant u say that you ordered for Nokia 8 - description says Nokia 8 and it is clearly not for Nokia 8

Hence item is not as described and hence its not remorse return.


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Different cut outs would not make it a wrong product as it would still fit the Nokia 8 display.
So many people have taken undue advantage of Amazon's past liberal return policies that now genuine customers are made to suffer. Especially from UP, Bihar, Karnataka and Andhra.

I am having a totally different delivery issue. Amazon delivery guys don't deliver the item and enter the data into their system that "Product was not delivered because the customer was not available" Then they take 2-3 more days to deliver.
I complained bitterly to support and they said that it is the duty of delivery agent to give a call to check if customer is available at delivery location before they punch in that reason. They assured me improvement the next time.

So the next time I ordered something, I got a missed call on my phone (barely 1/2 ring and cut). Then I quickly called up the number but it was switched off. Within 5 minutes I got the email "Product was not delivered because the customer was not available".

I call that as an improvement ;)


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Other tempered glasses do not have the non return policy mentioned on their listings. So in this case it seems like MTT has enabled it from their backend. Completely mocks the easy return policy of Amazon. Same on their Flipkart listing. Flipkart has mentioned in big words about easy returns but product listing states no returns.


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from my point of view. i do not plan to return a used product. i just want to open the package, check the cutouts and see if it is similar to images on the product listing. if it does, i keep it and use it. if it does not match, product goes back in packaging and ready for return.

i can imagine the clause if it focused on used product as tempered glass cannot be reused generally speaking. but unused products should have a return policy for at least this shitty category where margins are extremely high and cutouts are the most important aspect of the product.


Not just Internet.
New Delhi
why not get from local market. stands near bus stand / metro station sell it cheap.
I don't buy screen guard online coz can't put it myself without any bubble so need expert hands.

Plus mostly I avoid any unbranded products online. return/exchange/argument is not worth it.
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