Cherrinet billing team is a cheat


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I'm sharing with you guys some trouble I had with Cherrinet last month.

So I had ACT for 2 years and after the 2016 cyclones, I switched to Cherrinet. I paid for 6 months. Everything went well apart from occasional disconnects which wasn't a big deal as it happens with every ISP.

After the 6 months ended, I continued paying 1769Rs on a monthly basis for my 100Mbps plan with some FUP limit I don't remember.

Not long afterwards, most plans got upgraded to unlimited FUP and increased speeds for no additional cost.

So my 100Mbps limited FUP got upgraded to 200Mbps unlimited for the same price of 1769Rs.

My router only supported 100Mbps. Nevertheless I continued this plan for 2-3 months before I got time and decided to downgrade to 100Mbps unlimited for 1179Rs.

I called their customer care to inform this and they kept asking me to call them back in 5 days to remind because for some reason they can't make a note of it. Errrrr... Couldn't they just open a ticket?
But whatever... I only had to call them 4-5 times before the next billing cycle started and managed to downgrade my plan on time.

Now, everything went well up until last month. In case you guys didn't already know, the billing/payment for Cherrinet works exactly like Tata Sky. You put some money in your account wallet and at the end of billing cycle, the exact amount for your subscribed plan will be debited.

Instead of adding 1179rs, I added 1769rs by mistake. My first mistake.
But I figured they would debit only 1179rs per my subscribed plan and I'd still have 590rs left. I didn't inform Cherrinet. My second mistake.

So these guys automatically and slyly upgraded my plan to 200Mbps because I had recharged for that exact money. Their first mistake.
And they did NOT inform me. No call or email confirmation. Their second mistake.

I logged in to their portal after 1 month to recharge thinking I only have to add 589rs on top of the extra 590rs I added last time. But to my surprise, my balance was 0rs and plan changed to 200Mbps.

I called them up and demanded an explanation. They said "Since you recharged with the exact same amount for the plan you had 2 months ago, we took that as an indication that you wanted to change your plan back to that".


These people call you guys 5 times before due date to remind us to recharge but not a single damn call to confirm if I want to upgrade my plan let alone inform me after doing so just out of courtesy? They said they wouldn't return that money because it was my fault and not theirs.

I got so pissed I disconnected my connection and went back to ACT which got activated in 2 days.
I spoke to 5 different people in their billing team and their supervisor. No one had logic in their explanation. They said the billing team manually reviews your account and renews your plan. Couldn't they have informed me in that case?

I would have considered staying if they at least apologized for their mistake even if they couldn't refund. Clearly, they put themselves ahead of customers.

I'm never going back to them. I informed my friends and colleagues because no one deserves to be treated like this.

Please share your thoughts.


Deep Saha

what is the procedure for cherri disconnection? they are frustratingly bad and I am very disappointed with their customer care so I want to disconnect..

Can you please tell the process and how to get the refund of deposit ?