Nitin Gadkari proposes a 10% reward for public complaints about illegal parking


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Click pictures of illegally parked cars, get rewarded: Nitin Gadkari

Transport minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday asked citizens to click picture of wrongly parked cars and send to authorities, while proposing a 10% reward for them from Rs500 fine imposed on the owner of the concerned vehicle.

Gadkari said he felt “ashamed” that absence of parking lots outside his own ministry forced “ambassadors” and “big people” to park on road blocking the way to Parliament. “In my Motor Vehicle Act, I am going to add one law (provision). Any car on road, you just take the photo on your mobile and send it to the department concerned or police. There will be Rs500 fine and 10% will go to the complainant,” Gadkari said on Monday.