BBNL 100Mbps/300GB for 1000 in Udupi, Karnataka


Udupi, Karnataka
UFN (Udupi FastNet) FTTH
HI Everyone,

Just i have been using BBNL broadband for over 2 years and the experience has truly been phenomenal.
Had made a thread regarding my previous plan which was 10Mbps 75GB @1000 and you can check it out here

BBNL in Udupi, Karnataka

Ever since then i've been on 10mbps or 5mbps with a data limit of 100GB. Not many plans were introduced during this time period and. I was frustrated after i realised they were providing much better plans in other cities like Mangaluru and Bengaluru. But were not in my city. They were making false promises how they would introduce new plans and would just delay every time called them. But finally after 2 years they have come to their sense's and launched 100mbps plans for very cheap considering i live in a tier 3 city with barely any options to switch.

2 New plans introduced are :
100Mbps/300GB 1000+GST
100Mbps/500GB 1500+GST

So until yesterday i was on their 10mbps/100gb for 1000+GST. Today the plan has been upgraded for the same cost but both the speed and data cap has been drastically increased. Funny thing is they still provide the previous plan which i was on and aren't advertising these 100mbps plans. They warned me that this plan is promotional and may not be available for too long which i don't think is the truth and i am quite sure they will continue these plans.

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IDM Speed

Speeds are pretty reliable until now and will update if there's any issue. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you.