DBS digibank review/experience


They have won award for the safest bank in Asia from 2009 for 7 years, only god knows what alien technology they use for security which makes their app so laggy that it is borderline unusable.

Their virtual card do not work on any site tried on Amazon, Paytm, qr code. You need to wait till you get the physical card.

Stupid live chat would not connect you to agent easily, and between chat it would keep prompting you to log out because you took too long to try to write or the agent asked you to keep patience while they check your details.

Every agent would tell you a different rule.

No reference no. provided for live chat/email/phone. Standard reply we keep record of every conversation, Every time you need to tell your story from beginning and then you will found this new agent has a different rule book and previous agent was a moron. Thank you for wasting your time.

Only in case of transaction dispute a SR no. is provided but their is no standard TAT, they would reach back to you very soon.

Out of 10 transaction 5 would get stuck, then you have to dispute ,waste your time and miss your bill payment date.

You cannot email them to raise dispute but only use their damm app which doesn't allow you to upload anything or provide details in proper format.

Did I mentioned there is no acknowledgement no. for any conversation like how do you manage a customer support system without any kind of ticketing system.

They would not answer any query like fees or any common rule if you don't already have a account with them.

Should not have ignored their reviews on facebook, they even closed someone's account with 12k because he did not received their calls.


*Before opening acc : We cannot simply reply to your email with actual answer, you should first open an account.

*After opening acc;
Agent 1 - *20 minutes on chat confirms with senior* Yeah sure we do provide every service, we will email you the required docs just contact us when you need it.

Agent 2 - *30 on min chat to confirm with other team* Thank you for contacting yeah you will get your required docs via courier not email in next couple of days.

Agent 3 - No we cannot issue you the required docs because of our rules, previous 2 agents were not trained properly because we do not want to spend money in training them properly. Congratulations we made you a chutiya.


Just an update -

I am trying to close my account and its really a hassle to do it.

After submitting acc closure request through their app, you get emails with ref no and timeline of 48hrs to process it. But nothing happens and their stupid live agents are very rude and provide no actual help. They just keep making some excuse and tell you wait for few more days.

DBS bank works good if you just link it with some UPI app and don't use dbs app for transactions but if some transaction failed then their customer service is worse than govt bank. You can register complain through app but there is no update about it unless you contact their agent through live chat which just disappear, there is no history or ref no to complain about.

So, just keep your fingers crossed and hope none of your high value transaction gets stuck. They refuse to provide emails of any senior/ ombudsman or provide you any alternative way to contact them. If you persist they will disconnect your chat.