Airtel Broadband FTTH new connection-Worst experience


Hi Guys, last 15 days have been bad while dealing with my new Airtel broadband FTTH connection. Firstly, DSA agent screwed my forms and punched in Airtel system with delay and then line got installed and only broadband activated with Voice not working. Reason given was that Voice activation for FTTH connection is having issues from backend. At our home, Landline is necessity still(We discontinued TATA Walky), mom calls to sister and relatives abroad and within india and she is poor at handling mobile phone. I kept following up with senior guys from Airtel connectivity and installation team and finally after 7 days it got activated. Then there was a start of peculier issue when i raised request for ISD service and order ID got stuck in system. CC calling me informing that order stuck as your connection is still showing "Pending for Activation" . Again called nodal team and sent mails and till today it is not done. ISD order is removed and new one is punched but that one too stuck. Team is going round & round and i am in fix. More over Airtel backend system doesn't take more that one order for broadband connection. This is making me impossible to raise request for bill plan change which DSA has messed up while loading my forms. He has actually punched 40Mbps plan while i had written 100mbps. Airtel CRM system is complete mess and i have seen this VAS activation issue with Mobile too. Not sure how software QOS are passed and system working at airtel end. Friends pls reply with your experience with Airtel DSL or FTTH???