Delhi -NCR
This is the economics of India-TRADITIONAL:You have two cows.You sell one and buy a bull.Your herd multiplies and the economy grows.You retire on the income.INFOSYS:You have 2 cowsYou put both of them on the benchAnd hire another to do the job.T.C.S.:You have 2 cowsYou tell them that only one will go onsite.You ask both of them to fight for the only H1B Visa.Both of them die after fighting.HCL:You have 2 cowsYou milk them only for 24 hours on just 7 days a week.They run away.CTS:You have 2 cowsYou train them for two months on how to milk themselves.Then u ask them to pull bullock carts.SATYAM:You have 2 cows.One is intelligent one is send the dumb cow to onsite making the intelligent cow frustated.Intelligent cow resigns out of frustration and dumb cow is laid off by the clientWIPRO:you have 2 cowsyou hire one bullyou start milking the bull and start ploughing the field with the cows.....Applying ThoughtPATNI:you have 2 cowsyou dont hire any bull and ask them to multiply themselvesIBM:you have one cow you feed it wellbut you try to get all those stuff ie not just milk but alsobutter,cream,curd and rasmalai in one shotMICROSOFT (the best *****):you have a very popular fat cowthe cow has a very thin legit eats a lot but when it comes to milking the cow crashes downNIIT:You lure a group of cows how to be milkedone among them gets milkedthe rest end up teaching another group of cowsabout how to get milked