Worst experience- Tikona Goondas


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Hi All, im here to share my worst experience with the tikona, if you are planning to get the new connection then just go for any other providers because the network speed is very fluctuating and my plan is 6 Mbps plan and I didnt get even 2 Mbps speed , if we give complaints then they correct the speed issue which works fine for only one day, from next day onwards again the same issue... And recently just yesterday I came to know that they will send goondas to collect the bill if you miss to pay even after putting the late payment fees , they will call you 1000 times keep irritating you and if you are busy and don't pick thier call they come to your door step to collect the bill amount and irritate even the house owner asking about me...my pending bill was around 1600rs...which include the late payment fees, now my question is even after putting late payment fees they will irritate you like anything untill you pay the amount... Tat too just for 1600rs.... really disgusting service from Tikona...now planning to disconnect the connection after this bad experience...hope this review is from for many