Step inside the world of fashion’s former enfant terrible Zac Posen, from the clothes to the celebrities and the controversies to the comeback.

He started an atelier in his parent’s house, came to fame at the age of 20 after making a gown for Naomi Campbell, and became haute couture’s hot new sensation; however, the global financial crisis – and his over-the-top attitude – saw his career plummet as quickly as it soared. Of course, there’s more to Zac Posen’s story. Rising, falling and then rising again, the internationally acclaimed designer’s tale could fill the gossip pages usually populated by the stars he dresses, and has.

Peering behind the headlines, first-time documentarian Sandy Chronopoulos chronicles Posen’s rollercoaster ride as the fashion wunderkind who just can’t stop turning heads – with assistance and input from Campbell, Sean Combs, Claire Danes, Posen’s family members and the designer himself.