Pearly Gates



Whiner is a successful Urologist, a Jewish Mohel, a hopeless humanitarian, a charismatic visionary, friend, role model, husband and son. When the news is broken to him that he has but a few months to live, he panics. How can he leave this world without the realization of his legacy: ‘Pearly Gates,’ an affordable housing existence for senior citizens? He needs time; more time. As Whiner makes his way through the five stages of his eminent death, he learns more lessons about life than he could have bargained for, especially that funerals are wasted on the dead. Whiner’s life takes on unimagined meaning as he experiences his death while he’ s still alive. With 16 original songs, audiences sing, laugh and cry through the five stages of death as they discover how real legacy lives on in ones we love after we have entered the Pearly Gates.
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