TRAI recommendations on service shutdown due to technology shift


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Trai gives recommendations on norms for shutting down services

Telecom regulator Trai suggested that firms shutting down services based on one technology while switching to another should give two months notice to licensor and one month heads-up to subscribers, listing out options before them including port outs.

Trai has also recommended specific timelines for the Department of Telecom (DoT) to revert to companies with objections, if any, on spectrum trading proposals, and also spell out deadline for companies to file their responses.

The proposals form part of Trai's latest recommendations to the DoT on closure of access services by companies, and aim to ensure that subscribers are not put to "undue hardships" when such events occur.

Trai said continuation of access services is now no longer "assured" due to market-based spectrum management.
So if Airtel decides to shut down 2G tomorrow, they just need to keep it running for 2 more months!