Huawei #GirlPowered



Some women seek out the new. They embrace technology - using it to drive their lives, fulfil their passions, grow their businesses and spark their creativity. They are the boundary pushers, the stereotype smashers, the ones that make ideas happen. They are often the women working and living at the frontier, working creatively to help us all imagine a better, more exciting tomorrow.

At Huawei we challenge old ideas and embrace the new. We make technology that inspires creativity and enables artistic expression. Technology founded on meaningful innovation, collectively engineered with world-leading partners.

We create technology for everyone but we proudly celebrate and champion the women using it to achieve what was not possible less than a decade ago. We invest in them, and enable them to share their work, to inspire and empower other women – a new wave driven by technology.

Introducing #GirlPowered... How are you embracing technology?