Best Body + Face shaver?


Hi, I'm a 18-24 year old range, want a clean shave meaning I don't want a strand of pesky hair i8n it's entireity on face (beard/ cheek area, moustache) armpit, legs, hands, chest and rest of body.
Have used Philips Pro Skin QT4005 trimmer, but kinda disappointed as it din't removed moustache hair., also din't removed the beard area hair fully
how often'd hair grow back after a clean shave,
Also what's the difference between trimmer & shaver?
Also how often'd hair grow back?
Facial & body hair is a big no for me, it's itchy, irritating, ugly, annoying.!! I want to be always clean & fresh.
Would Philips body groomers & shavers do the trick? budget is around 2k for each but can extend to 4k if offered significantly better performance.
Body Groomer & Grooming Kit | Philips
Electric Shavers - Face Shaver | Philips
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I am a n00b
Seriously, 18-24 year old range? What are you? a person or a product meant for that age range!

Its time you realised that one of the defining traits about you being a mammal is hair, if you don't want any, well better get down to regularly getting rid of them!

Trimmers trim i.e reduce length. Whereas, shavers shave, i.e to get rid of hair entirely.

How often does you hair grow back? Only you can answer that, hair growth is different for everyone. Some grow like there is no tomorrow, others remain hair free like a baby.

Again, hair is a part of you, if you still haven'y gotten round to that fact, either work on removing them or live with it.

As for whether they are any good? Not really, an electric shaver will never be able to give you that smooth hair free look, no matter what the ad may show. Its like Gillette and their ever increasing number of blades on a razor, 3 or 4 or even 5 blades doesn't mean a better shave. Trimmers on the other hand are a different matter, they in the right hands can do wonders to shape your facial hair in the stlye you want.
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