Gandhi: The Beast Within


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In Gandhi: The Beast Within, we discover the truth about the Mahatma!

Gandhi's devotion to peace and non-violence was never a choice, but a means to keep a terrible secret hidden from the world...

In 1900 South Africa, during the Boer War, a young Gandhi is exposed to a mysterious alien power source and discovers he has been forever cursed, and when consumed by moments of anger, he transforms into an uncontrollable raging monster!

By dedicating himself to a life of peace, Gandhi managed to keep the horror within at bay…

But... when the world’s leaders find themselves thrust into World War II by the mad dictator, Adolf Hitler, and his doomsday weapons, the Allied forces agree that there is only one hope...

And now... forced into a no-win situation, Gandhi must decide: unleash the beast within and go toe-to-toe with the psychotic Führer -or- forfeit his own life and the lives of millions for his belief in peace and harmony!

Will Gandhi break his vow of goodwill to save the world from the Nazi menace by releasing the most destructive force mankind as ever seen?

The answer is: FUCK YES!
This is getting press in national media. Remains to be seen how it explodes.