Family planning allowance, monthly entertainment allocation removed for central government employees


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No family planning allowance for government staff, cabinet secretary hit too

Central government employees will no longer get a family planning allowance and the cabinet secretary his monthly entertainment allocation. Also gone are the diet, haircutting and ‘soap toilet’ allowances given to select categories of employees. With the government accepting many of the recommendations of the Committee on Allowances (CoA), headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa, a raft of grants and allocations made to various sections of government employees have been done away with or revised, an official said. Funeral and cycles allowances have been retained and revised.
Giving details, an official said an entertainment allowance of Rs 10,000 per month granted to the cabinet secretary, the country’s top bureaucrat, to entertain distinguished visitors has been abolished. The ‘secret’ allowance given to officers working in the Cabinet Secretariat has also been done away with. This is granted for dealing with top secret papers and performing sensitive duties. It is paid as a flat sum per month based on the post held by the official concerned.
Entire article is fascinating reading.