La Colle



Benjamin has unjustly been given a two-hour detention on Saturday. Once there, he realizes that Leila, the girl he's secretly in love with, has also been given a detention. And even better, she comes and sits next to him because he is the only student among those kept back who has his maths book. He goes to the bathroom to steady his nerves, but when he comes back, he is projected, as though by magic, back to the moment when Leila came to sit next to him.

Benjamin is blocked in a time warp: if he is away from Leila for more than three minutes, he's sent back to the beginning of his detention. And all because the genie of the Akinator app has fulfilled his wish of the night before: "I want Leila and I to be together."

Hanging on to her skirts until detention is over, getting a kiss from her by hook or by crook, Benjamin will try everything to get out of this trap, all the while lumbered with a supervisior torturer, a lusty caretaker, a rather special nurse, and the school's worst group of dunces.