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Need a FM Radio with dual speakers. Option seems to be very limited. At lower end, there are mostly single speaker products costing between 500 to 2000 bucks. At higher end, well there are obscenely priced products which are definitely not value for money products. One option is to get a speaker set with internal support for FM. Nishant recommended this model which seems like a good option. But without a dedicated metal antenna, it is not clear how good the reception would be.

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The only reasonable option seems to be spending 3500-4500 on a Philips unit like the one I already have (it's barely working because of multiple falls :D).

Just wondering if anyone here can recommend a product that I might have missed and could work for me. I basically need it for mom who listen to radio early in the morning for an hour or two. Right now she is using the old Philips unit with analog controls which is not really giving good output.

I tried connecting mom's phone to a bluetooth speaker for radio. Does not seem to work. Could not get any output from the radio app on the Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, the app asks to connect earphones. The app does not seem to have any option for using the earphone for antenna but bluetooth for output. In any case, this seems to be a crappy solution as it would be too complicated for mom to use on a daily basis even if I somehow get it to work.


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If you need cheap radio, my old zebronics 2.1 speakers had inbuilt fm radio which came with a big ass wire antenna. the clarity was superb with awesome bass. mom used to play it morning daily at 6 am for devotional songs which woke up my whole floor. let me give you the link