Zo is a sophisticated machine conversationalist with the personality of a 22-year-old with #friendgoals. She hangs out on Kik and Facebook and is always interested in a casual conversation with her growing crowd of human friends. Zo is an open-domain chatbot and her breadth of knowledge is vast. She can chime into a conversation with context-specific facts about things like celebrities, sports, or finance but she also has empathy, a sense of humor, and a healthy helping of sass. Using sentiment analysis, she can adapt her phrasing and responses based on positive or negative cues from her human counterparts. She can tell jokes, read your horoscope, challenge you to rhyming competitions, and much more. In addition to content, the phrasing of the conversations must sound natural, idiomatic, and human in both text and voice modalities. Zo’s “mind” is a sophisticated array of multiple machine learning (ML) techniques all working in sequence and in parallel to produce a unique, entertaining and, at times, amazingly human conversational experience. This demo shows some of Zo’s latest capabilities and how the team has achieved these technical accomplishments.
Faculty Summit 2017: The Edge of AI - Microsoft Research