Asus rt-ac58u router does not alove sonick wall global vpn cliant(fasing this problem with act


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Hyderabad India
hello iam useing Asus rt-ac58u with my actfibernet connection and i have a sonic wall global VPN cliant which my dad uses to connect to his office computer but when wee started use this router it doesnt let vpn cliant to connect when i checked the log it only says error but when i set my router to pppoe mode it lets the vpn cliant to connect as soon as you think problem is solved the connection is un stable in pppoe mode forceing me to set it on automatik ip i surched for this problem but no answers infact many peaple sed they are useing the router with cable modem in automatic ip and there vpn cliant softwares(including sonic wall global vpn cliant) working so what should i do