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Announcing Twist, a fundamentally different way of working together

Twist - Mindful Team Communication

Twist is our bet against real-time messaging apps, and for communication that happens on your schedule. So you can choose when to disconnect to do deep, uninterrupted work and when to connect to catch up.
It’s our bet against chaotic, one-line-at-a-time chat, and for the organized, thoughtful conversations that really move work forward.
Most importantly, it’s our bet against team cultures that require people to be constantly connected, and for cultures that prioritize focused, meaningful productivity. (And then sign out at the end of the day, guilt-free.)
We’re taking on some of the biggest players in the market — Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, Google’s upcoming Hangouts Chat — because we believe that teams deserve less pressure to constantly keep up with group chat, and more space to focus on the work that matters.