Hathway in Mumbai


Hello, I just thought I should write this. I was going through all the threads here, and I believe, that except for those who have Exatt and Igate in Mumbai, others are paying much more for net by using MTNL, Sify, and others. I would sincerely recommend Hathway Night silver plan (256 Kbps) to you all. Modem costs rs 2900/- and one time installation of Rs.1500/- But after that, monthly bill of Rs.440/- fixed, for unlimited usage from 8 PM to 8 AM. And the speed is really consistent. I also saw on some threads, that some users are not happy with hathway. I have been using it for almost one and half year now and I am really very satisfied with it. The service is good. And there are no hidden caps on downloads (Like in Sify, you cant dl more than 150 MB in a day, or Reliance, with a cap of 10 GB). I download 25 GB in a month (one DVD rip every night, at least, plus some 50 or 100 MB file i.e. 900 MB per day). I really feel there are many here who can get a better way out with Hathway. This is my own experience. The only bad thing is it doesn't allow hubs. What do other Hathway users have to say?


if only hathway could expand its operations....they offer services whereever you don't find incable.its sad that incable has the major chunk of mumbai.