Everyone here might be Sify broadband users. You know how much the sify is insecure. Everyone can see the profile of others and easily change a p@$$word.

The story begins here, i got the sify broadband connection month ago and i was doing something with the f*ck'n bbclinent. And i was seeing profile of someone, guess what did i do , i changed the p@$$word of *someone*. Surprisingly that was not a broadband it was Iway account. I can change the p@$$word Of *someone* of any
sify account within a minute.If i know the username [Don't Dare to post your userid]
If i can do it , you also can do it . Any one know it.
Why i am telling here. i had mailed the same to customercare, regional official,
any many people .No one answered me .So i am posting here. Let us see what do they do from hereafter? THIS IS NOT A JOKE. THIS IS NOT FOR FUN. THIS FOR ACTION TO TAKE BY SIFY


Sify doenst care for the product thei are selling.. we get less then we pay fordo u really think Sify will care for our security? they dont even give us what we pay for.and then still again. what we are all paying for is too sick to describe.. too slow.. too many sneaky things.. too much of everythingSickfy cares only about our $$$


Yeah its too easy....i can change anybody's p@$$word...yes anybody's. Just tell me ur user id....

And fullyaddicted why u want to tell this to Sify

U know what I used my Cable Providers 128 Kbps pack for 2 days like this....and I can use it whenever i like....but i dont do it unless i expire my account and i urgently require to use net.

My CTO overcharges me so let's make use of it....hack in only into ur or other CTO's accounts...not into the general customers.

U know what We use to get surges of High speeds upto 200 kilobytes....yes kilo Bytes not Bits every few minutes and then some freak guy cudnt resist this great thing and broke this on some famous site....and now sify has disabled it


Originally posted by knak@Oct 19 2004, 01:25 AM
why not
Here i am going to tell u the secret. i will be secret no more.
This is only for f*ck'n educational purpose only. The f*ck'n author is not responsiple for anything u do. bla bla....

Start the sify broadband client. Type the username (try only your friends) and you do not know the p@$$word so type some thing (should be greater than 6 alpha and less than 8 alpha)

step 2:
click login. offcourse you get some errors and ignore it.

open browser . IE, Netscape, opera etc ... .IE would be better type the following in the address bar
You will get some page . There you can see Change p@$$word, Your profile, etc

step 4:
Click >your profilesubmit
ii) In the next page, type either two of three -->submit
iii) You can Change the p@$$word for the userid -->submit
Thats all

If you want to try another account . logout using the followin URL
and close the bbclient and and open it again.

i) You should not use it for destruction purpose.
ii) You should not hack other userid than your friends and yours
iii) don't use it for profit

i guess u will follow the rules..

The userid may be sify broadband ,sify iway, sify mail , sify mall, sify #*#*#* etc

i) The F*ck'n Sify is insecure . So don't use any of the products and services especially
sify money transfer, and sify mail.

Tell me whether i works for you?


Yeah Plz delete this.....procedure is same, the only diff is ip address for delhi is different...and i am not goint to tell......but if everybody knows it ....it will definitely be used for destruction purpose.....plz delete

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